Source Food: I want to shout it from the rooftops…

Everyone, Source Food Hall and Cafe is open Thursday – Saturday evenings and it is wonderful! Admittedly it took me a while to catch on myself, but now I have sampled their yummy food and incredibly friendly service of an evening I feel I need to tell everyone about it and get that place filling up.

Tucked away by St. Nicholas Market, Source may be more known by most as a great place to go for lunch. Perhaps a little bit more extravagent than the usual more street-food affair on offer (which I love by the way and have talked about in Variety is the spice of life blog post): I have previously lunched there and found the options on the more pricey side for lunch, although the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. In fact you can inspect a lot of the goods in their little deli next to the eating area: with a fish, meat, cheese and deli counter you are spoilt for choice and temptations! It has also upped its game in the brekkie stakes I’ve heard: who can resist the daily serving of fresh croissants. And they sell boiled eggs and soldiers – probably the most comforting breakfasts ever.

Photo of charcuterie plate
Previous lunch – charcuterie plate
Goats cheese salad
The goats cheese salad

This particular visit was based solely on their wide selection of drinks on offer. My dinner date is not a wine drinker. Consequently, I can either get sozzled on my own with a bottle of wine to myself (a glass seems pointless does it not!?!?), stay on the soft drinks (blogs such as An evening of sophisticated fun may give you an idea that is an unlikely concept) or order random drinks. The wide selection of organic ciders displayed on their shelves, including the delicious Ashridge Sparkling Vintage Cider, was specifically what drew me to this establishment. Yes, somewhat controversially, and very-much keeping it to the Westcountry roots, we had a cider each with our meal! 🙂

Their seasonally changing menu showcases their locally sourced ingredients beautifully. For starters we shared the goats curd and fig salad together with the crispy pigs cheek. The dinner date is well-trained in sharing nowadays meaning less limitation on my choice of the menu! 🙂 I am almost fanatical about anything remotely goats cheese based so the first starter won. The pigs cheek was delicious, although I could not quite get used to the texture of what I have assumed is bone marrow in it. My taste-buds need some training!

Although I could easily have chosen any of the main options – for fish lovers there seems to be always a great variety of options on the menu – as soon as steak was mentioned this was all I could think about. We both went for the Hereford Bavette option – a less well-known cut of meat, it apparently comes from the side of the cow and, although potential more tough in texture if not cooked correctly, has a more intense flavour than your usual fillet. Ordered medium-rare, mine was cooked to absolute perfection and was incredibly tasty. I’ve had bad experiences of overcooked steak, even in self-proclaimed steak houses, but there was no disappointment here. The waitress also managed to persuade my dinner date not to go for well-done (I know how wrong this is) due to the texture of meat – something I have so far not achieved.  I’m hoping he’s now converted. 😉

For pudding we shared the last chocolate mousse on a hazelnut brownie. I took the fact that there was only one left as a sign that I was meant to squeeze in pudding! 😉 Light, not too rich, chocolatey….winner!!

OH! I almost forgot the bread. Usually I try my best not to eat too much bread at the beginning of the meal as it fills me up so much I cannot finish my meal. The warm seeded and onion rolls were just too tempting to resist though. I devoured both in seconds.

Our waitress was just lovely. Attentive when needed (not checking up too much), informative and very friendly throughout our meal. If only all service was like this.

Thank you Source Food Café for a lovely evening – I shall be returning and I have been telling everyone about it ever since! 🙂

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  1. Lovely review! Saturday lunch at the Source Cafe is my treat for getting through a hard-worked week! Their dishes never fail to delight, sustain and nourish. The quality of the ingredients, cooking and preparation makes the Source incredibly good value: about a tenner for a classic fish stew with a variety of fresh seafood, served with home-made bread – bargain! It is the kind of everyday food cooked to perfection you might get traditionally in France. Great news it is now open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights….


    1. Kbow says:

      Thanks Elisabeth!
      Definitely worth trying out on an evening. The food was beautiful and the service spot on. 🙂


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