Moreish by name, moreish by nature…

Finally, a restaurant who has got this voucher thing down! After dispairing a few weeks ago over the disappointing dining experiences in restaurants dotted around Bristol that do not live up to their usual wonderfulness when you hand over the dreaded voucher, my mind has been changed thanks to Moreish.

Moreish is tucked away on Chandos Road, Redland, and I have previously loved it as a great place to go for a lazy brunch. The inside is so cosy it could be a homely dining room – all wooden floors, a big dresser of china and cake stands, papers and magazines to lazily read on the side – except you’re relaxing with a bunch of strangers and people kindly bring you your food and drinks. 😉

There’s a little seating area outside where you are surrounded by potplants, quirkily placed in an array of mix-matched old food tins. I’ve been for scrummy brekkies and cappuccinos and once for a roast served with one of the biggest yorkshires of life! I would generally recommend it for it’s friendly and relaxing nature. After sampling their tasting menu though it has now become a firm favourite of Bristol places. The food:

A refreshing bellini greeted us on arrival. (I was pretty much bought at the cocktail stage…)

Honey and root veg soup served in a little cup and saucer with a slice of delicious bread came next. Quote from the dinner date: “This is better than my nan’s soup; and my nan’s soup is amazing.” High praise. I’m sure this will be recreated in some form at home soon.

Chicken liver parfait – with toast, red onion jam and mini pickles. Deliciously creamy parfait (can anyone explain to me the difference between parfait and paté?) Appreciated the two pieces of toast – a little point, but a lot of places get the ratio of toast to parfait and chutney all wrong. Well done Moreish.

Pork with braised lettuce, roast potatoes and a red wine jus was our main. The gravy was so good we were mentally inventing a plate squeegy to get it all to the side of the plate and avoid the slight eating faux pax of mopping it up with your finger. (OK admittedly I did this with the strawberry sauce later).

Lemon posset with mixed berries – I literally turned around for a second and the dinner dates’s had gone – this can tell you how good this is… I feared for my own dessert and ate quickly too.

Clotted cream cheesecake with strawberry sorbet and mini scone – A modern deconstructed cream tea if you will. The clotted cream cheesecake was the ultimate decadence – I’m salivating as I think about it. mmmmmm…. The strawberry sauce was a welcome light accompinament; the mini scone one of the cutest things of life. (***Point I should make here – I get over excited by anything mini. I recently bought a set of sherry glasses as they looked adoringly small – I don’t think I have ever drank sherry.***)

Cheese board –  Four little triangles of cheese were served with little cups of red onion jam, cranberry chutney and picallili, plus good quality seeded crackers, not just your average water biscuit. I’ve now changed my favourite cheese. Before I was thinking that brie was the key requirement for my dairy tablets – no no – It’s all about the Cornish Yarg!! The fullness hit me by this point so I resorted to just eating the cheese (I may or may not have nibbled at the rind). As a result of this dish go and find me a whole lot of Cornish Yarg.

Coffee / tea with truffles – A choice of a variety of teas and coffees are provided at the end of the meal. A loose leaf mint and red berry were our choices. I had to sacrifice my truffle to my dinner date (who has apparently stolen all of my eating skills recently much to my distress) but the little nibble I had was delicious!

Unfortunately the food looked so good I ate it all down before I could even think about photos – you will have to venture there to try for yourself. 😉

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