Souk Kitchen: Breakfast with a middle eastern twist…

The brother is always trying to convince me that North Street, Bedminster is where it is at. Despite my protests, there are some places that make me think he has a serious point. Souk Kitchen is one of them – a bright and colourful establishment that aims to bring authentic Middle Eastern market food to Bristol. YUM! And recently, due to a booking mishap for a nearby massage (part of my voucher addiction) that found me on North Street two weekends in a row, I had an excuse to visit twice in a space of a week. 🙂

Your choice of food is dependent on the time of day and which day you visit – however, visit on a weekday between 12 and 3 and you are spoilt for choice between the brunch, lunch and dinner menu. Even the Souk Kitchen menu is reflective of the bright colours of the restaurant  First trip: sampling the lunch menu; second trip: the brunch menu. Dinner  -I will be coming to eat you soon!!

The highlight? Definitely breakfast! On top of the usual breakfast affair such as a full fry up (‘The Local’) and eggs and toast, you can also find more unusual options of grilled sardines and tagines. Always up for trying something a little different, I opted for the Souk Breakfast Tagine: a scrummy combination of turkish beans, spiced lamb, sujuk sausage, feta and eggs accompanied by a basket of grilled flat bread. Any excuse to have cheese (with my dairy tablets of course) earlier in the day is a winner in my eyes.

Photo of Souk Tagine
Mmmmmmm feta cheese for brekkie!

Although the Turkish toast was also a tempting option, the olives put me off (I will one day tackle the ‘eat 12 olives and you’ll love them’… one day). The dining companion was luckily on hand to taste this for everyone. Turkish toast turns out to be fairly similar to french, just with the addition of the olives; joined on the plate by bacon and maple syrup – a top notch combination of salty and sweet goodness!!

Photo of turkish toast
Turkish toast!

And to top this all off… one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever had – with additional spices around the rim of the glass –

Photo of bloody mary
Bloody Mary deliciousness

The lunch, we unfortunately ate before we could even think about taking any photos. Sharing a souk mezze plate for two with flat bread, we were treated to a mix of the chefs fav hot and cold mezze dishes for a bargainous £12.95, which included some of my favourite things in life: stuffed vine leaves and houmous.

Next stop is dinner time – need to try out some of the mouthwatering options I always see chalked across their blackboard wall!

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