Eat Drink Bristol Fashion: Tapas in tipis? Don’t mind if I do…

For those who have missed the tipis that have popped up on Queen Square, there is a culinary celebration currently occurring in the centre of our dear city of Bristol!

Photo of inside the tipis
Inside the tipis

Eat Drink Bristol Fashion is a pop-up restaurant project on a large scale: an idea concocted and organised by Michelin Starred chef of The Pony and Trap, Josh Eggleton, and local farmer, Luke Haskell (also of Tipi Events). (I would personally like to think this all came from an evening over a good bottle of vino (or perhaps a manly pint of ale) but could not confirm this idea….)

Spanning almost 2 weeks until 7th May (get there quickly people) this event involves some of Bristol restaurants big hitters. Kicked off last Wednesday by The Pony and Trap (of course) tasting menus have also been lovingly developed for the enjoyment of us Bristolians by the likes of Casamia, Dynasty and The Star and Dove.

***Factoid: Josh Eggleton’s former classmates include none other than the Michelin Starred Sanchez-Iglesias brothers of Casamia – we need to find their teachers and thank them methinks. A lot.***

Events still to be enjoyed are:

  • Thurs 3rd May – Bell’s Diner
  • Fri 4th May – Ronnie’s
  • Sat 5th May – Lunch from The Bird in Hand (still a couple of spaces)
  • Sat 5th May – Bristol Banquet
  • Sun 6th May (lunch) – Organic Sunday Carvery
  • Sun 6th May – Namascar Lounge

Unfortunately I missed out on a tasting evening; however, working on Queen Square and faced with the constant temptation on my doorstop I  have had to at least try out their tapas bar! Open 10am to 12 midnight (1am on weekends) the  bar has free entry and no reservation policy: You can sit and enjoy the mini British dishes served with a twist to your heart’s content. 🙂  Knowing how much I would not like to be go back after work after first sampling their tapas menu, my friends and I booked the Friday afternoon off work and set up camp in the tipis for an afternoon of fine dining, drinking and a little bit (lot) of gossip. A genius idea as the bar soon quietened after the lunchtime rush. With a voucher in hand for six  tapas and a glass of champagne each between two we scoured the tapas menu for a favourite…

Photo of champagne and burger
Champagne and mini burger

And the winners were:

  • Scallop pops – my personal favourite. Juicy scallops wrapped in parma ham and popped on sticks!
  • Chips and curry sauce – the ultimate satisfying experience. Chunky chips with proper chipshop style sauce.
  • Fried rabbit – succulent pieces of meat in batter.
  • Mini Burger  – unfortunately no salt beef slider left to top this one but still delicious.
  • Curd and beetroot salad – not enough curd for my personal liking but still scrummy.
  • Beetroot and spelt risotto – Creamy and flavoursome.
Photo of tapas
The chosen tapas

Please note: the Sunday roast takes over the whole of the tipis so don’t head down this Sunday afternoon hoping for some impromptu tapas as you will be disappointed.

As well as the amazing taster menus, Organic Carvery Roasts are on the menu for both Sundays. The trek out in the pouring rain was definitely worth it. Turns out I was also lucky to have chosen the 2pm slot as previous sittings got delayed as the team battled with kitchen flooding issues. Kudos for bringing it back and the tipis holding out against the torrents of rain.

Now just to forewarn you, the perfection that are my mother’s roast potatoes has turned me into somewhat of a roast dinner snob – but this passed the test! The carvery includes a choice of three meats (beef, pork and lamb) – I of course went for a bit of everything! 😉 I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t just help myself to veg and pile on the roast potatoes as I usually would (the best part of the roast dinner of which I was restricted to only three pieces of crispy potatoes) but it was probably a good thing to restrain me as I left comfortably full rather than the usually groaning in pain at eating too much. Good move Eat Drink Bristol Fashion – well played.

The meal was finished off by the choice of lemon posset or apple and rhubarb crumble. Having snuck a taste of both I would recommend the crumble – not a hint of sogginess in the crumble to be found! The only issue was the seating of people when arriving was a bit haphazard: we were firstly told to go to the bar to be seated, then to find a seat ourselves, then head back to the bar – all by different staff: very confusing! I am sure these issues will be ironed out a bit more by next Sunday though.

Next visit I am trying out their open sandwiches! 🙂

If you haven’t ventured down yet, or failed to get an event ticket, you’ve got until Monday to go grab a sandwich or tapas! Go. Go now.

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