Pudding Club: Puddings + cocktails = genius!

Most of us are fairly au fait with the concept of matching food to wine. This was taken to whole new level though this Tuesday by @Bristol_Foodie ladies in what they have called pudding club – matching five cocktails with 5 different puddings! Two of my favourite things, together, yes please!

The concept is perfect: With puddings provided by local independent foodie establishments (ranging from a bakery in the kitchen, through pop-up restaurants to local bars and restaurants) it was a true celebration of the amazing culinary offerings of the wonderful city that is Bristol. You could also tell the effort and thought that each provider put into their individual delights – which were greatly appreciated if the sounds of mmmms and ooos were anything to go by. My friend and I actually didn’t speak for unusual periods of time whilst the sugary concoctions melted in our mouths.

Photo of pudding club menu
Combinations to make you go ‘oooooooo’

The Colour Inn also exceeded expectations with the care that they had put in to ensuring the flavours within the cocktails only enhanced the tastes of the pudding. Each round was introduced by the first the baker who described in detail the initial idea and the flavours that were about to please our taste buds. The barman (apologies for not picking up your name – you were excellent) then explained the matching flavours we would then experience in the liquid accompaniment.

Photo of me enjoying a cocktail
Enjoying an Apple Sourz – don’t mind if I do! 🙂

I shall take you through the five rounds of pudding and cocktail matching extravaganza (I’ll try and summarise my personal highlights or this could go on for a while…):

Pudding 1 – Pomegranate trio: Lavender meringue nest with creme patisserie, pomegranate meringue pie and pomegranate white chocolate blondies. Provided by Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy (@DevilledeggKA) – a local cooking academy if anyone would like to improve on their culinary skills!

Cocktail 1 – Rose and lychee vesper

Photo of combination 1
Combo 1

-Tiny treasures in the cutest little box. The lavender meringue was a surprising delight, with the scent adding to the tasting experience. Loved the glitter on the tarts – I’m sure this put a big smile on everyone’s faces! The lightness of the shot of rose and lychee was a perfect accompaniment; light so as not to overpower the delicate flavours.

Pudding 2 – Strawberry bakewell tart with gooseberry cream. From The Townhouse (@TownHouseBris) – Whiteladies restaurant serving modern British cuisine (their brunches are very tasty by the way).

Cocktail 2 – Apple Sourz

Photo of combination 2
Combo 2

-This was my personal favourite combination, although it was a tough call as they were all so delicious. Presented as two mini tarts: the bakewell aspect was light with the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness to the strawberries; the gooseberry cream tart adding that little extra bite! And there were seconds!! The cocktail was not the fluorescent green shot you have been used to in previous crazy drinking days, but a light and fluffy concoction – yum!

Pudding 3 – White chocolate panna cotta with balsamic and black pepper strawberries and a peppermint coulis. From Brace & Browns (@braceandbrowns) – Another restaurant gracing Whiteladies Road – it serves quirky tapas and has a great outside space!

Cocktail 3 – Dirty lipstick

Photo fo combo 3
Combo 3

-Served in an awesome little bowl this was a layer-on-layer taste sensation. 1st you get hit by the creaminess of the panna cotta, then the sweet balsamic strawberries with a final hit of pepper! Coupled with my favourite cocktail of the night – dirty lipstick – which I spotted is generally on the menu; I will be back soon for more of these! 😉

Pudding 4 – Rhubarb, ginger wine and cardamom trifle. From Dine with I (@dinewithi) – a monthly – pop-up restaurant, often residing at 40 Alfred Place.

Cocktail 4 – Ginger and cardamon el diablo

Photo of pudding 4
Pud 4 – sorry it was too tempting to wait for the cocktail

-Made with a lot of love, this tiny little concoction provided the most interesting flavours of the night. The surprising cardamom and rhubarb combination was pure genius. Each aspect, right down to the beetroot dyed sugar crust, was extremely well thought out and no detail was spared. The ginger in the cocktail brought out those subtle gingery hints in the cocktail to perfection.

Pudding 5 – Dark chocolate pecan pie. From Bellevue Bakery (@bellevue) – A  local bakery producing incredible cakes from her kitchen (I’ve been looking through the pics on the website 😉 )

Cocktail 5 – Smoked rob roy

Photo of combo 5
Combo 5

-Can you think of anything more indulgent than a dark chocolate pecan pie? It was absolutely delicious and the favourite of my pudding eating companion (who has already asked for the recipe). The cocktail for this was not to my personal taste – not to sound sexist, but I would describe the flavours as rather manly!

You may have caught onto how much I loved this evening by now! Word on the grapevine is that there will be another one in the Summer – I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for the date as it sold out so quickly this time. This is not an event to be missed!

I also have a new found love for the Colour Inn. Despite having previously living just off Whiteladies Road for years I somehow missed this bar (although it was previously under another name). Quirky setting matched with absolutely scrumptious cocktails – I could wile away quite a few hours here with ease.

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