Cox and Baloney: Drinking bubbly from a vintage teacup…

Tucked away on Cheltenham Road on the edge of Cotham is one of the cutest little vintage teashops and boutiques I have so far encountered in the Bristol area – Cox and Baloney. Word has spread through the grapevine about its adorable nature, so once I had freed up a date to pop over it was like fate that just that week a groupon deal  (or livingsocial…I am signed up to both and forget which is which) appeared for their afternoon tea.

The day started out splendidly: a fluke sunny day in March! Perfect for a walk over to the areas I rarely go exploring. On arrival, we immediately sunk ourselves into two of the random mismatched armchairs that would sit perfectly in your great-grandmother’s living room amongst her crazy clutter she has been collecting throughout her years. With chintzy tablecloths and music tinkling out of an old record player you could easily be transported back to another era.

Our deal included an afternoon tea with bubbly, surprisingly served in a cup and saucer – this was just one of the quirky touches! 🙂

Photo of teacup and saucer
Grandma’s china…for the bubbly 😉

Another nice touch was for non-tea enthusiasts you are not restricted to just tea as your drinking accompaniment. We went for a somewhat controversial coffee as our drink of choice. You also get to choose your sandwich, each of which comes with a quirky name, such as Uncle Bernard’s cheddar and chutney; Great Aunt Silva’s salmon, cream cheese and chive or Arthur’s roast beef and horseradish. The delights are served on a homemade cake stand consisting of your cup and saucer and cake plates; the joining implements being a champagne and sherry glasses.

Photo of Afternoon tea
The afternoon tea…

Downstairs is a quirky book store. Next door you can also mosey around the vintage boutique – work off your cake… 😉 Also recommend checking out their Vintage Party Packages.

Overall a lovely experience. Only question is – Where are the scones?

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