Nando’s: Whole chicken challenge…

With my recent addiction to Man vs Food marathons currently running on Dave, my friend and I came up with the somewhat silly idea of eating a whole chicken at Nando’s (with sides). Now a big burly man may scoff at this as nothing but a mouthful, but please keep in mind I am a small 5′ 1″ female, and although I have a past of some impressive eating accomplishments from a fat childhood, this was quite a feat.

As with all food-based activities, I took the task quite seriously: an after-work gym session was in order to get me as hungry as possible! A big mistake I made (and people should learn from my errors) that it was cake day at work today. I Luuuurve the cake and may have sampled a little too much in the day with a whole chicken challenge on the cards.

Nonetheless, on arrival at Nando’s we ordered a Meal Platter (whole chicken, peri chips, minty peas and 2 bottomless drinks) with a side of whole chicken between the two of us! I would also like to point out that the three guys in our party went for a measley pitta / wrap option – WEAK!

I can confirm we accomplished the challenge. I think if I pushed myself I could potentially do more as left Nando’s feeling surprisingly fine. Not sure this is a particularly good sign…. :-S

Stay tuned for the next ridiculous eating plan – any ideas?

Photo of Nandos
The challenge…

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