Colston Yard: Burger and beer – match made in heaven…

Originally tempted by what turns out to be a misconceived idea that Colston Yard were famous for their ribs (please could somewhere confirm this was once true or am I going mad?!?!?!) I finally made a trip to Colston Street for some Friday night grub last week. Although the ribs seemed to be a figment of my imagination, I was not however disappointed.

Despite the outside space being treated to the not so stunning view of the open road, Colston Yard is ever popular in warmer times with people flocking for (I assume) their expansive beer menu. As a Butcombe Brewery pub, Colston Yard comes with its own expansive beer menu; to quote Colston Yard: they are “Bristols beer mecca.”

Colston Yard Beer Menu
Expansive beer menu at Colston Yard

If like me however, you are not a serious beer drinker you can opt for one of their Fruity selection, such as Liefmans Fruitesse, Red Fruit Beer from Belgium that I chose.

Photo of fruity beer
Fruity beer – yum yum!

Colston Yard offers your traditional pub grub with a bit of a twist: alongside your more common burger or steak and chips you can also try Cornish Mussels or Meditteranean Halloumi and Basil Tart. They are also proud of the fact that their ingredients are locally sourced.

All three of us were tempted by the burgers, which range from their simple Yard Burger to the ‘Ultimate Yard Burger’ for those with a serious appetite: this meat and cheese fest includes black pudding, brie, bacon, chorizo, stilton and cheddar toppings! Not quite up to that challenge we went instead for choosing our own toppings; my choice being the chorizo and goats cheese. This was still quite a feat and meat sweats were beginning to ensue by the end – you will not leave Colston Yard hungry! They also came with crispy fat chips – described by my friend as chip shop style chips without all the grease.

Photo of burger
Chorizo and goats cheese topped burger with non-greasy chip-shop style chips

Going on a busy Friday night I can’t really comment on the service – we ordered at a busy bar but service was still quick!  Something to note however, which often goes unnoticed, is the very nice toilets: clean, Baylis & Hayles soap and handcream, paper towels in a wicker basket. More restaurants and pubs should pay more attention to their toilets if you ask me! 🙂 The journey down the stairs is even a joy as you are entertained by photos of artists playing live at the Colston Hall.

Definitely a great spot for a good feed on a Friday night!

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