Chocolate Lounge: I found my heaven in Edinburgh…

This is massively delayed; however, after a little look through my phone photos (finding several images I had also forgotten about from slightly tipsy events) I was reminded about the amazing experience that was the Chocolate Lounge.

Tucked away at the top of Harvey Nichols (I mainly went in to dream about what life would be like to be rich, I cannot actually afford to shop there) the Chocolate Lounge is pretty much my idea of heaven. For the many people who have visited a Yo Sushi! you will be accustomed to the food conveyor belt system. Now imagine this with a variety of chocolate based goods wandering past you instead of the raw fish! Please note: do not be tempted to remove as items as you usually would – these are just to tempt you into ordering more from their menu!

Chocolate based goods on a conveyor belt

This place is perfect for a girly afternoon treat (not ruling out the male chocolate lovers out there of course! ;-)) Chocolate options include anything from a small shot of chocolate (in several flavours), through cupcakes and luxurious sounding hot chocolates, up to the most fantastic chocolate fondues (unfortunately I could not sneak a photo of the one ordered next to me). For those special occasions, or when you are feeling particularly extravagant, small bottles of champagne are also on offer. I was gearing myself up for a beautiful meal at the Witchery that evening so somehow resisted too much temptation and just went for a cupcake (of course) and a scrumptious chilli chocolate shot. However, I will be factoring a more extensive chocolate experience on any further trips to Edinburgh – I need to try that fondue!

Chilli chocolate shot – Yummmmmmm

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