The Apple: Ciderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

For all fellow cider lovers (is it not a prerequisite for anyone from the South West?) you must have visited The Apple on the Welshback. Surely? If not go. Go now!

Half boat/half cider bar, The Apple is far too temptingly close to my place of work. Selling a vast array of ciders (and other drink options – don’t panic non-cider drinkers) this establishment is particular popular in the Summer. There is inside space, however its main drawing point is its vast outside area. Heated when the chill sits in after a quick drink turned into more of an evening event, The Apple draws a wide variety of Bristol-folk to drink and be merry. It also allowed for outside drinking of warm-mulled cider last December – a festive experience!

Drinking mulled cider outside the Apple

I am yet to sample of their food so am unable to comment. It is however mainly ploughman’s based – what else?!?!

I would advise caution when visiting the toilets – they are downstairs in a boat…the area is unisex…people have drunk a lot of cider…need I say more?

I still cannot wait for the Summer and Apple times though! 😉

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