The Rummer: Feeling a little bit spoilt…

After a truly scrumptious experience last night, The Rummer Hotel goes straight into one of my favourite places in Bristol.

A previous visit for a post-dinner cocktail meant that I was already aware of the stylish interior and overall experience of feeling that little bit spoilt. The Rummer Hotel is hidden away on All Saints Lane near St. Nick’s market and therefore unlikely to be a place you just happen upon. After hearing friends rave about their dining experiences there I was very incredibly excited to go there to eat, particularly after a look at their current evening menu! Now I went with friends as a pre-Christmas celebration, but would recommend to any guys looking for a place to impress your date. 😉

All three of us enjoyed our dinner immensely, but I’ll focus on my choices as an indication of the culinary delights you can enjoy there…I began with scallops (I’m a big fan and have to order them if they are on any menu) with black pudding and creamed cauliflower. Scallops were cooked to perfection and the combination was a particular treat for my friend who had never had the wonderful experience of trying black pudding before. Salmi of duck was my second choice. There is probably some spectacular way of describing this but my basic summary is slices of duck on more duck – lots of delicious meat accompanied by red cabbage and pickled apple. One of the great things about the menu (and something The Rummer carry across their food and drink menus) is an extra little guide on the history and source of ingredients of the dishes. Take a look and try not to be drawn in by the deliciousness:

Just reading the cocktail menu even put a big smile on my face. Unlike the usual sectioning convention by spirit, this menu is separated in terms of your mood and what you may want to get from the cocktail experience. I chose the midnight martini from the Rare & Fancy section: “For Impish, Elfish, Mad, Capricious, Fairy Whims” 🙂  (sorry for the blurry photo!!!)

With their extensive range of spirits a friend has also recommended The Rummer as a great place to sit and work your way through the different types of gin they have available – unfortunately not for a school night though.

The icing on the cake – being told by the waiter at the end of our meal that he had reserved the sofa area by the roaring fire for us to relax with an after dinner cocktail! Excellent service that exceeds all expectations!

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