Old Bookshop: Breakfasting in a quirky little living room…

OK I actually did not eat in a random person’s living room but that is the kind of cosy feeling you get when you head to the Old Bookshop on North Street Bedminster (yes I did head out of the BS8 area!)

This cafe is a mismatched area of cuteness – with old typewriters adorning the walls, a trumpet light hanging above the counter and all sorts of interesting little nicknacks to distract you from your morning conversation (sorry girls!) The drinks are also served in a mix of vintage tea sets (something I definitely want for my future teashop!

Breakfast was just splendid (with such a British setting one must use suitable adjectives 😉 ) I chose the Eggs Benedict – on of my favourites; my friend had the most incredible portion of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast I ever seen! There is also a scrumptious display of cakes on offer (including huge cupcakes) to please those who have eaten their breakfasts and ready for the sweet course. I can easily see myself spending hours with a book and cup of tea in this place!

I also noticed that they often have live music – will be keeping a look out! If the evening experience is anything like breakfast this would be the perfect place for a chilled weeknight!

Warning – this place is on the small side and likely to become ever more popular as word spreads so I would time your visit strategically to avoid the rush and disappoint of not finding a table!

Mismatched teaset
Cutest mismatched tea set

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