Browns: My ever-faithful…

I’m sure everyone has a place where they inevitably end up going if they do not have any new plans. For me, this is Browns. Sat most conveniently on the triangle, the spectacular steps entice me up most summer evenings to grab a quick drink (most likely ending up as a full evening event) on the way home to sit outside in the perfect people watching location.

Browns is perfect for all types of occasions. I am a massive cocktails fan and consequently can often be found taking full advantage of their signature cocktails offers in the week – most extravagant of me! 😉 Their Elderflower Collins is my personal recommendation if you, like me, veer towards to refreshing over fruity beverages. A teensy criticism is that I wish the bartenders would smile a bit more. I take it as a personal achievement when I get a smile out of one of them and do a (discreet) congratulatory fist pump to myself as I walk away.

Their champagne breakfasts have been my yearly present to one of my dearest friends and fellow Browns fan! This has previously meant sitting outside in December – mental, but one must acquiesce to the requirements of the Birthday girl!! I always feel a little bit extravagant going out for breakfast anyway as it can be such an easy meal, but this adds that little extra luxury to the ocassion. A fabulous array of platters (who can resist a sharing platter?) and scrummy bar snacks are on offer at the bar if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation that your one drink has turned into a few and sustenance is needed to carry you through the rest of your evening.

I must not forget that Browns is of course a restaurant and mention the food in general. Having eaten there many a time (I am in fact heading there this evening for an early dinner and to try out the new Autumn menu I’ve seen advertised!) I would definitely recommend. You can join up to be a Friend of Browns on their website to find out about all their offers – Their menu ranges from brunch, through simple lunch items, to a la carte evening menu. I would also suggest heading there for one of their scrummy puddings, even if you have eaten your main elsewhere (yes I have done this before!) and take in the lovely surroundings, sometimes accompanied by a live piano man! 🙂

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