Thali CafeNot your usual curry experience…

The outside is all pink and glittery….the inside cosy and mismatched…and it serves the most delicious Indian food platters I have personally tried (I am yet to visit India however it is on the list). The place I’m talking about is Thali Cafe.

Now it is quite odd that I am writing about a curry on a Sunday morning on my sofa; however, due to the fact that I am the most useless person for buying food in and am currently flatmateless (COME HOME – I’M HUNGRY!) I have no options for breakfast in and my brain is flitting through all the nearby establishments. This is not to say I am currently fancying curry….it just popped in my mind and reminded me to include it in my favourites. (Hmmm….I’m rambling today).

Anyway, this piece focuses on my local Thali Cafe establishment that sits on the edge of Clifton Village; however, some of you may know some of the various other restaurants dotted around Bristol or may have been tempted by their delicious offerings at many a Bristol as they pop up regularly (in fact they began in festival land) and are often one of the healthiest options to go for! The owners have a story (I am a sucker for a good story for why people start their businesses) that revolves around being more than just a restaurant; instead “to create an engaging social space that helped to cultivate the creativity of the community around it.” Consequently, you can often sit and listen to live music while eating away and look around at art from local artists :).

Most importantly, the food is delicious. The evening menu consists of a choice of four curries – your choice is then served on a steal plate (the “Thali) with an array of rice, dahl, salad and chutney accompaniments. YUM! Certainly a different experience to your usual local Indian takeaway and definitely a healthier option! For bigger appetites (and greedy people like me – I like to make the most out of my eating out experiences by filling myself to the brim) you can supplement your curry with some poppadoms and chutneys.

My next mission is to try out their light lunches in the day – the menu looks scrummy! Take a look for yourself –

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