Give me More(ish)….

It takes me out of the safety net of Clifton but it’s so lovely it is worth it. Head on to Chandos Road (Redland) and you find a delightful little place called Moreish.

This originally became a place for brunch as a close friend has a hatred for eggs (I know – it’s odd) and is on a constant search for places that offer breakfast options that are not all about the eggs. Personally I could not live without the joy of boiled eggs and soldiers in my life. Here their varied menu comes into its own – with blueberry pancakes as a regular option. Mmmmmm…… The atmosphere is cosy – I have a penchant for wooden floors and blackboard menus fill me with a weird sense of joy as it shows how much they change the menu options according to the seasons. It is another place I can easily while away the hours on a Sunday with the papers. The only downer is that they don’t offer soya milk and therefore I must content myself with a simple black coffee.

Their roasts are also worth a try. It is hard for a place to meet my high roast dinner expectations as my mother quite frankly makes the best roast dinners ever. FACT. However, this is one of the rare places I would revisit on a Sunday. That’s high praise – trust me.

Next trip – need to try their tasting menu. A recent peruse of their website has tempted me….

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