The Lanes: A dancefloor, a bar….and bowling lanes?

Yes the title is correct. After hearing a lot about The Lanes in the centre, last night I finally got the opportunity to properly experience it. AND I LOVED IT.

Now it should be noted I was in a certain state of merriment after an early night of comedy with my very entertaining work colleagues, so my enthusiasm may be heightened slightly; however, from reviews from friends I think the fun times are a regular occurrence. Arriving to an empty dance floor, despite the quirky 60s funk tunes playing out. we soon had people joining in masses as we twisted our way around the multi-coloured floor.

I get rather carried away with the dancing when I get going, which was particularly the case last night as I found a new crazy dancing partner in crime. Consequently, I missed out on the bowling happening just behind the dance floor. I will be returning soon though for the full American diner style experience. I hear there is also a karaoke room – dangerous. I can’t be the only one who thinks their vocals could take on the likes of Whitney and Mariah after a few too many G&Ts right?

This place is definitely worth a visit if you want a bit of a change from the normal drinking and dancing night out. Pure entertainment. 🙂 Check the website out for more information –

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