The Clifton: Cosiness in Clifton village….

Some people may simply associate Clifton village with the cafes, restaurants and wine bars…however look a little closer and you find the cosiness of The Clifton pub.

A mismatch of sofas chairs and tables, mixed together with the dark decor, The Clifton instantly gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside when you go in. I’m also regularly fascinated by the diversity of the art covering the walls – ranging from the common landscape to random insects.

This has been a random Sunday afternoon haunt for me over the years, however it did accidentally become a midweek drinking establishment last night. Getting into the festive spirits early, a quick catch up drink with a friend quickly turned into a couple of bottles of wine when the barman informed us it was apparently Wednesday Wine Club – who can resist a discount on bottles? Becomes simply illogical to just buy a glass. Hours later after much wine infused discussions (mostly food or film related) we turned around to realise the pub had gone distinctly quieter and chairs were being put up on tables. Whoops! As a consequence, I have been powered by Lucozade all day at work, but worth it! 😉

The pub grub is always incredibly enticing! Unfortunately, I had made the mistake of filling myself up to the brim at home beforehand and had no space left to sample any of the pig cheek bites 😦 Will plan better next time…

Tempting Bar Snack Menu

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