Bored of the daily lunch at work – Come Lunch With Me

OK – so it’s not the most original idea…you may have seen something similar played for about 4 hours a day on More 4. It has however revolutionised (ooo possibly got carried away with that term) the office lunch for me this week.

A quick summary (as I am sure you have all pretty much guessed the format). Tuesday to Thursday of this week a different person has been in charge of preparing the other two participants lunch. There are currently only three of us involved, but I’m sure many more will be wanting in on the action soon…We will then score (in the usual Come Dine with Me fashion) for a random prize at the end. It has been fairly lighthearted so far, apart from the odd tough talk on Twitter – not sure how it will be when it comes to prize day…

To provide a bit of background, this came about as one of colleagues eats (in my previous opinion) one of the oddest lunches, on a daily basis. I would not like to put any preconceptions in your mind, but the lunch involves grated carrot, tuna, dressing, mixed beans, cottage cheese and hot baked beans (yes that’s right, HOT baked beans with a COLD salad!)

This is topped off with lashings of blacked pepper and Tabasco sauce, eaten out of Tupperware….

Now hopefully you can all see why my colleague and I found this slightly odd to watch of a lunchtime. To prove us wrong he offered to make us lunch in the return for lunch provisions from us on separate days. And thus, Come Lunch with Me was born! I can also report that the lunch was actually surprisingly nice and tastebuds did not balk as anticipated at the baked beans and salad combo! Also very nutritious and filling! Scores are yet to be given so I can not yet reveal how much I enjoyed this experience as it may be read by my fellow Come Lunchers!

Second day provided goats cheese, proscuitto and chutney toasties with rocket. The advantage of taking part is that you get quite extravagent lunches! 😉 It must be taken into consideration that this participant was careful to cater for my lactose intolerant dietary requirements. However, I did snack in the afternoon. Poses quite the conundrum with my scroring.

Tomorrow is my turn and I am oddly getting more nervous and competitive as the evening goes on. I won’t reveal too much about what is on offer – lets leave something to the imagination. I will say that I may have got slightly overexcited and started baking…

If tomorrow you are sat at your desk looking in trepidation at the sandwich that awaits you for your lunch get pestering your colleagues for a Come Lunch With Me experience next week. And remember where you heard it first! 😉

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  1. James Lock says:

    Don’t be shy about your love for the grated carrot/ baked beans combo – it rocked your world! NOthing weird about it at all.


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