Arts Trail: Feeling artistically inspired on a Sunday afternoon…

This is a slight dedication to one of the many reasons why I love Bristol…and the consequences of an afternoon wandering around galleries, shops and houses that opened up to show off the talents of local artists this weeken (15th-16th Oct).

The West Bristol Arts Trail was an absolute delight – only managing to follow about a third of the trail (Bristol is hilly and I became increasingly lazy and tired with all the walking – hehe) I still managed to view a vast and varied amount of art in all forms. The best thing about the afternoon was however listening to people talk about their work. Their passion was always inspirational and made me wish I could steal a little bit of their enthusiasm for what I do. Everyone was also incredibly welcoming to all that traipsed around their venue. Not often do you get the opportunity to wander into someone’s home, look at their art and get offered a glass of wine while you are chatting away.

Big thank you to the organisers – such an amazing idea which I’m pushing my artistic friend to get involved in asap! It also inspired me to get out all my old drawings and charcoals for a bit of drawing (see below). I will be seeking out the nearest life drawing class asap…..

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