Che’s: My food saviour at work…

Che’s I love you!

A rather short and sweet post about my local work cafe that often saves me in dire times of caffeine needs (Gemma makes the best soya milk foam on a cappuccino I have found in Bristol – a definite talent!) It also satisfies the office’s unhealthy needs for excessive amounts of bacon in the mornings. I dread to think of the amount of money spent on breakfasts in the office over the course of a year. Anyone who works around the Queen Square or Welsh Back area – get yourself a bacon sarnie on Monday 😉

With an outside area overlooking the river (or looking out onto the Welsh back if you prefer, but you do not get as exciting a view) Che’s is the perfect place for grabbing a delightful little lunch in the middle of your working day. The menu covers a range of breakfasts (available all day – winner!), paninis, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and a few special mains. I have become a creature of habit here. This did not become apparent until the time I went in and the first thing they said before I had even ordered was “we have no chilli left!” A true sign that you have become a regular. Oh dear. Since then I have attempted to expand me ordering away from the chips, chilli and goats cheese option (sounds bizarre but trust me it’s amazing!)

If you make a visit – make sure you try a sneaky piece of the rocky road. Pure gooey heaven that is quite frankly worth the dairy coma that occurs as a consequence 😉

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