Boston Tea Party: A happy cluster of cafes ….

I have to confess I am writing this in a rather distracted mood. Taking full advantage that I have very little planned for the whole weekend (a rarity as we get closer and closer to all the festivities of Christmas) I did not get out of bed until midday and then spent hours wandering around Clifton Village deciding where I would like to eat some lunch. This is the problem when you have no plans – being the indecisive Pisces that I am and the vast array of tempting establishments near to where I live – I could not decide what or where I fancied eating. The trials and tribulations that life can throw at you eh? 😉

With thoughts of the friendly smiley faces of the staff on my last visit I finally settled on a cappuccino and poached eggs (it is perfectly acceptable to have breakfast food at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon on a Saturday) at Boston Tea Party, which I enjoyed at a little table outside watching Clifton life go by….I also have to mention that I was also reading some of Ernest Hemingway’s memoirs when he was living and writing in Paris. Somewhat put my current lifestyle into perspective.

Anyway, back to the subject matter. Boston Tea Party is based around the west-country (the best area of the UK of course). Having a quick look at their website I am going to unashamedly steal their description to give you an idea of the feel of the place – “Well we like to think of ourselves as a happy cluster rather than a clunky chain.” The staff are always incredibly smiley, the cakes always look ridiculously tempting and the coffee is delicious. With a different “guest roast” coffee every time I have visited it also provides the opportunity to expand my coffee horizons! Having only properly started drinking coffee about a year ago, with the help of a wonderful friend’s excellent training methods and introduction to the exciting world of good coffee (no instant for me, I was immediately transformed into a coffee snob) I now like to try as many different varieties as possible. I am now also completely hooked to my morning black coffee – slippery slope….

Also, if you are ever feeling the need to feel more “holier than thou” then you must go and pick up one of their Superberry and ginger smoothies. This has saved me and my previous flatmate many a time from the dreaded hangover grogginess!! You can find various Boston Tea Partys as you wander around Bristol – the one on Park Street even has its own sun terrace! 🙂 If you notice one on your travels I would definitely recommend venturing in whatever time of day!

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