Relaxation Centre: Why have I never been here before?

Sometimes you visit a new place and wonder how on earth you have got through life without it. Particularly when that place has been sat on your doorstep for last 3 years!

Hidden away in the streets of Clifton you can find the Relaxation Centre. And it could not be more aptly named! A little haven of tranquility – I cannot express how relaxing this experience has been. The only description I can come up with (which I have admittedly stolen from my friend) is that I feel as I have melted….

After some stressful weeks at work (you may not think it to look at my blog but I have not quite made it as a lady of leisure – yet!) I thought I would treat myself to a massage. Working at a computer all day can cause some serious neck issues, so this was of course medicinal ;-). As I had also been given a 241 voucher for the use of the spa facilities for the Relaxation Centre I easily persuaded a friend to join me for a Thursday evening of pure bliss.

The delightful experience even began at the booking of my massage. Confused by the vast array of massages on offer (and there are many, that all sound incredible) I was given helpful advice as to what I should book to best suit my needs. And this experience continued throughout my visit…I chose the half-hour holistic massage, which I almost fell asleep to it was so good. I have now decided a monthly massage will be added to my life essentials, similar to the need to buy toilet roll or pay for my gym membership. Haha!

If a treatment is not required I would just recommend visiting for the use of spa facilities. Robes and towels are provided so my plan is to now keep a swimming costume in my work bag for stressful day emergencies (I wish…) The facilities are split into various little areas of heaven. A lounging area consists of comfy seats, an area to literally to lie out and lounge on and little ‘beds’ up some stairs that I could quite easily have curled up and had a nap in if I wasn’t afraid that I would never wake up and get locked in. The spa area inside has a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. You can also just chill with a book by the side on a lounger. Outside, however, is where I loved the most. A tranquil little garden lit my fairy lights has a sauna, cold plunge pool (not for the faint-hearted) and an outside jacuzzi. I would like this exact setup when/if I ever have a big garden. The setting is just made for you to forget about any life worries. Sneak down a little path and you find an area for meditation. I am looking for my next excuse to go as soon as possible!

The centre is open until late most of days of the week, or you can use the facilities all day if you’re lucky enough to have a day off in the week. Find out more at

I just now need to motivate myself from my sofa to bed – too relaxed to move…..zzzzzzzzz…….

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