The Botanist: Reminiscing about Summer….

I am of course not discounting this place from a winter visit, however this year my summer was all about frequenting The Botanist.

Some of you who have not visited Bristol for a while may have known this place as Ha! Ha! Bar. Things have changed. With light walls, strategic flower placement and quirky named areas such as the “Potting Shed”, The Botanist has that outside-inside feel…I generally spent my time in the patio-like outside area (except for one evening that was ruined by a sudden downpour – I did not enjoy the inconsistency of this summer’s weather!) With a bottle of wine sitting in an ice bucket at my side and a sharing platter (I’m all about the sharing of food!) of gorgeous mediterranean delights on the table in front of me I could almost be convinced that I was on holiday. This place also brought several entertaining moments of watching a date act casual about the fact he ordered a pink beer – I previously did not know these existed – and observing my friend’s confused face at their first taste of polenta and feeling guilty as it “was like eating Spongebob Squarepants!”

Inside you find a casual seating area with squishy booths and comfy seating around small tables – perfect for a gossip (or more in-depth conversation on current affairs if you so wish). The restaurant offers too many temptations to describe – check out the menu to see what I’m talking about!

Wondering how a winter visit will compare….? Looking forward to finding out! 🙂

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