Goldbrick House: My second living room…

For any of the many walking commuters that, like me, struggle up and down Park Street every day to work you must understand my constant temptation into the embellished wonderland of Goldbrick House.

With the beautiful wallpaper, a collection of random pictures scattered around the walls and, of course, the gold ceiling, I can easily spend hours with a glass of wine, or lovely coffee in the downstairs cafe area (my second living room). There previously sat an enormous purple sofa downstairs, which my friend and I have often discussed elaborate plans involving distraction techniques and preposterous logistics to remove the sofa and transport to my actual living room, but no more I’m afraid. Perhaps someone has already succeeded with this mission. They offer a range of tempting mains and desserts, but the main temptation for me is their selection of small bites. It is probably because there is a deal if you buy three that I just have to sample them, especially as it comes with a bread basket. It also means that I do not have to refine my decision down to one choice which is almost impossible for me. A prerequisite for all my eating companions is that they share food!

Generally my visits are for a quick glass of wine and a catch up with a friend. I say just a glass, unfortunately you just cannot say no to the friendly waitress when she asks you if you would like another. My main advice to you is that accept from the outset that you are likely to share at least the equivalent of a bottle between you and order that from the start. However, Goldbrick House is not just a quick stop. Venture upstairs and you find a beautiful restaurant; upstairs another level and you have a cocktail bar. Get talking to the barmen and they can often create the most beautiful cocktail just for you! I urge you to take a journey around the various areas and experiences this place has to offer. Squishy sofas hide in corners for you to lounge on…More formal table areas allow for chatter…Just talking about makes me wish I was there. Haha!

It is also perfect for a more formal occasion with a friendly feel. I have so far attended a wedding reception there which was just perfect and the most suitable location for the married couple in question. I have also organised a small work function there – which allowed us to have our own room and although we were in just a room, it felt like we had a whole venue to ourselves.

Looking at their website now I will also definitely be trying one of their Fabulous Food Club events very soon – take a peek –

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