Deco Lounge: My perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

I lead a pretty busy life (well it tires me out). So much so that when I get to Sunday it is definitely “me time”.

Consequently, I have started a new Sunday afternoon ritual – I head to the Deco Lounge, grab myself a soya cappuccino (much to the constant entertainment of my friends, dairy sends me to sleep – I’m not being fancy) and grab a heap of Sunday paper supplements. I originally tried the actual newspapers, however being on the small side (5′ 1″) I just find the broadsheets too big and cumbersome to read. Following attempting several different sitting positions, including practically splaying myself across the table, I have subsequently settled for the delightful readings of the accompanying material provided in their magazines. A cop out you may say, but if I am honest I am actually more interested in what is happening in the world in terms of culture and style than the actual news (controversial but honest), particularly on a lazy afternoon. This is mainly an alone activity – I originally invited a very chatty friend along who, although very entertaining with her talking, somewhat did not understand the key thinking behind my afternoon – “quiet time”. 😉

This is going to become more difficult for me to maintain as I have moved slightly further away from my beloved Deco Lounge. One of a chain of cosy “lounges” around Bristol, Deco Lounge sits halfway up Cotham Hill, just a stones throw away of my previous abode off Whiteladies Road. Whether I continue to venture there so frequently now I have moved towards the village is still to be seen. Honestly, I think there is only so long before I am tempted back to eat their eggy bread and bacon stack!

A massive bonus to the Lounges’ offerings is the all-day breakfast!! I usually rotate my choices around the Lounge Eggs with Bacon or the eggy bread stack. This is not to put you off the other choices though! Their menu (written up on giant blackboards – which I love) also includes tapas, a vast array of sandwiches and paninis as well as main meals – if you are feeling particularly hungry the burgers are GOOD!! I also cannot recommend the carrot and orange cake enough!! A cake that almost came between a great friendship when there was only one piece left!

In case the conversation starts to run on the low side – there is always Jenga and Connect 4 to play (as well as various other board games). I can quite happily boast that I am a connect 4 pro after several visits – think my personal best was 22 – 3 (when my competitor refused to continue to play any longer). I have to warn readers of how tense a game of Jenga can become as well – I have not felt the same nervousness of pulling out a piece on the teetering tower until I recently attempted to ride a bike again after not being on one since a young child.

The Lounges spread over Bristol – do not limit your experience to just one. Check out for more details.

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