Lahloo Pantry: A new teashop in Bristol :)

For anyone who knows me well they would have heard me ramble on about my dream of owning my own teashop – a dream I really do hope one day comes true. I have an unhealthy obsession with cupcakes, of which I bake on a regular basis. I even have a cupcake tattoo on my wrist which reminds me daily of my dream. I am slowly building up my collection of vintage teacup and saucer sets (which my lovely nan is slowly contributing to) and cake stands to display them on. I have the vision – I just need the money and time to plan – difficult with a full-time job that does not pay enough to save alongside my spending habits! Haha!

Anyway, in the meantime, I will continue to frequent local tea establishments (all in the name of research of course!) My most recent pleasurable experience was at a new teashop in Clifton village – Lahloo Pantry. Happened upon by accident by my fellow tea loving friend, we changed our plans from our regular cafe to try something new. And I am extremely glad we did! 🙂

Coined as the ‘modern’ teashop it is very clean in look (white walls and sparse furniture) but with a cosy feel. We were even offered a blanket during our stay if the air coming from the nearby door was too cold for us. Half way through lunch I was also lit up by fairy lights – very cute. The staff were also extremely friendly – providing us with a sample of their chocolate marble cake as we almost drooled over the counter at it as we were leaving. This kind of experience makes you wonder when you can practically visit again to try a different slice of cake.

Which brings us to the food – how have I not mentioned it sooner? The menu is fairly simple, including traditional breakfast options, simple tarts and salads for lunch, a wonderful selection of cakes and, of course, the quintessentially English afternoon tea (which I will be heading back to try asap). I had the goats cheese and beetroot tart (my goats cheese obsession almost rivals that of my cupcake obsession – I am yet to get that tattoo yet though). The accompanying salads were as equally scrummy and tasty as the tart. We then could not resist sharing a small lemon meringue tart as we saw it carried to another table. Lovely finish! 🙂

And of course, the tea! A vast variety of exotic sounding traditional, green, black and herbal teas to tempt you away from the usual breakfast tea (don’t worry though – for the traditionalists there is a Bristol Brew!) The staff are also on hand to talk you through and help you with the decision making process.

Photo of tea pot
The delicious Amber tea – “Light smokiness and sumptuous hints of dark chocolate and passion fruit wow your taste buds and energise every part of you!”

I could continue – my passion for food and tea is immense – but that could get boring and will not allow you to try the experience yourself. Definitely recommend giving this one a try! My 0nly worry is that as it becomes more well known I will not find anywhere to sit….

March 2012 update:

After experiencing one of the best afternoon teas at Lahloo Pantry this weekend (I have sampled a few) I had to add a little note to encourage others to try it!! At £13.50 it is on the more expensive side; however it’s an afternoon tea experience that has a whole different dimension (as the photos below show!) It incorporates the key scone, cream and jam component; however, you will find no boring cucumber sandwiches here. The menu changes often so you may not get to sample exactly the same options –  unless you are so excited and head there in March – however my afternoon tea included the following delicious titbits:

Photo of the afternoon tea
Afternoon tea goodies – focused on the good stuff!
  • Cucumber roll with goats curd
  • Coronation chicken tart
  • Prawn cocktail (on a snazzy lettuce leaf)
  • Chocolate fondant (still warm from the oven and gooey inside – I ate this first on instruction from the waitress 😉 )
  • Rasperry pastille
  • Spiced créme brulee
  • Scone with cream and jam (of course)

You also get a pot of tea of your choice. I challenge you to find a more exciting afternoon tea! 🙂 Oooo just remember its only served from 3 – 5pm…

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