The Urban Wood: Somewhat hidden – worth seeking out…

I am currently trawling through my eating memories to build up a few posts and could not continue without talking about a favourite little restaurant/bar of mine – The Urban Wood (some may it as the previously names Wild Wood). Set slightly out of the way of the usual Bristol haunts on Colston Street, I stumbled across this place a few years ago after wandering down St Michael’s Hill.

Hidden behind the huge Zero Degrees, this cute establishment offers a mixture of delightful little dishes and good wine set in a cosy candle-lit scene (note: I have only visited in the evening – this will obviously change in the day). You can lounge on the comfiness of the leather sofa at the front or hide yourself away in the room behind as you eat. With few tables you do not have to worry about your relaxing evening being ruined by an abundance of background chatter – the atmosphere only allows for hushed tones ;-). This has slowly become a favourite haunt for a spontaneous dinner on a Friday evening when a quiet evening is in order but wine and conversation is an absolute must!

They also cater for larger groups. They were recently incredibly accomadating for a friend’s birthday party that turned out to be more popular than anticipated! 🙂 The back room can be booked to allow you to be surrounded by only your favourite people!

Highly recommended for their cosy feel.

Find out more at –

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